Would you like to Ignite your brain and start to understand music theory on a deeper level?

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We will simply take one ‘bit’ of information. Just one. Starting at the baseline. Easy Peasy….. and we will embed it in our brains through a game. Once we know the ‘concept’ or ‘bit’ to the point of not having to think about it, we go to the next level.

Next, we will add a layer of information on top of what we already know. Not much, just one little ‘bit’ of information.

The classes will cost something. Not much compared to what you will glean from the experience. You will never forget what is learned because we will take it slowly enough that the information will go from your short-term memory to your long-term memory where it is stored FOREVER. Don’t believe me? Later, not now, check out my course on Igniting Your Sleeping Brains at: https://ignitingsleepingbrains.com

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April Fool’s Card Games for One Month. Templates and instructions are included in the masterclass for four weeks of games.